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| February 15, 2013

Just like a key opens a lock, the purpose of your Presenter Cover Letter is to open the door to your resume; and just like the wrong key won’t open a door, a lackluster cover letter won’t be opening any career doors for you either.

How to write your Presenter Cover Letter

Fold it so that your name and contact information is the first thing the recruiter sees.

Your Street Address
City, State Zip Code
Telephone Number
E-mail Address

Employer Contact Information (if you have it)

Month, Day, Year

Name of Interviewer, Title
Name of Company
City, State, Zip

Addressing your cover letter to a specific person will help you relate to that person.

Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name) of Interviewer:

Opening Paragraph

The introduction: Whenever possible, indicate how you came to apply to the company, such as…
- responding to an advertised opening
- having identified the company through research (do not use this if you didn’t do the research as it may be obvious to the employer)
- reading about the company or its executives in a publication
- receiving a referral from John Jones at XYZ company

I feel qualified to apply for the recently advertised Presenter position. These are the attributes that drive me, and these are the attributes that I bring to my work: Passion, Dedication, Industry know-how. I am passionate about the job that I do.

Body of the Letter

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph. The person that will be reading your cover letter probably knows nothing about you. You have to give some background about yourself in order to ease into the substantive part of your cover letter.

The Closing

In closing paragraph stress action. Politely request an interview at the employer’s convenience.

I would welcome a personal interview at your convenience to tell you more about my qualifications, as well as what I can do for (company name). I have enclosed my resume, which further details my professional achievements. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss the fresh perspective I would bring to the position.

If you start with a name (e.g. “Dear Mr Bloggs”) you should end with “Yours sincerely”.


Cover Letter Advice

A/an Presenter cover letter is not the place to explain why you left or are leaving an employer, why there are gaps in your employment dates, etc. These “negatives” are best delivered in person during the interview where you will be in position to fully explain yourself.


All that was written in this Presenter Cover Letter was directed towards emphasizing the applicant’s knowledge, background, skills and experience in relation to job position.

Presenter Cover letter Template

With cover letter completed, you should move on to the Presenter Resume.

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